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Pictures Taken with Polarizing(PL) Filter

Name: Udayan Sankar Pal

Country of residence: India

Country where picture is taken:

Title of the Picture: Still waters

Camera Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM


Filter: CPL + UV

ISO 1/500Sec-f/11-ISO400


Shutter Speed:

Comment: A little paradise hidden 95 kilometers away from Shillong, the river Umngot flows through the village of Dawki near the Indo-Bangladesh border. The river forms the one common livelihood of Indians and Bangladeshis – fishing. Forgotten is the political divide as people from both countries became one here when they sit still for the fishes to take bait. I used the opportunity to click their stillness in this frame.

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