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Nightscape photography with/without filter

Name: Mike Reva

Country of residence: Russia

Country where picture is taken: Russia

Title of the Picture: The man and the Galaxy

Camera Canon 6Da

Lens Samyang 24 f1.4

Filter: None

ISO 5000

Aperture F 2.0

Shutter Speed: 20s

Comment: Camping on the behcn of lake Nothern Birdjali on the western slope of Elbrus i was waiting 3 night until we got perfect clear night to make the night shots i planned the previous year!
The first 2 night it was snowing hard on the alttiutude of 3300m. Not a single hour of clear sky - was quite a surprise for july... however the breathtaking view of our home Galazy rising above the lake exceeded all expectations as the sky got dark finally for the third night !

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