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Nightscape photography with/without filter

Name: Mike Reva

Country of residence: Russia

Country where picture is taken: Russia

Title of the Picture: Sleeping giant Ebrus and burning skies

Camera Canon 6Da

Lens Samyang 24 f1.4

Filter: None

ISO 5000

Aperture F 2.0

Shutter Speed: 20s

Comment: Camping on the behcn of lake Nothern Birdjali on the western slope of Elbrus i was waiting 3 night until we got perfect clear night to make the night shots i planned since the previous year!
The first 2 night it was snowing hard on the alttiutude of 3300m. Not a single hour of clear sky - was quite a surprise for july... however the breathtaking view of our home Galazy rising above the lake and giant Elbrus above it exceeded all expectations, as the sky got dark finally for the third night !

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