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Name: Siddharth Sachar

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Country where picture is taken:

Title of the Picture: Sun and Moon - Buttermere, Lake District

Camera Canon EOS 6D Mark II


Filter: Nisi 6 Stop ND

ISO 16mm/ƒ/11/4s/ISO 100


Shutter Speed:

Comment: A shot just before sunset taken opposite Lake Buttermere. The last rays of the winter sun still hit the peak as the moon rose exactly behind the peak on the right. This stream which acts as a leading line flows down the fell (mountain) and joins Buttermere.
Buttermere is a lake in the Lake District located in the county of Cumbria. Buttermere means "the lake by the dairy pastures" (from the Old English "butere mere"), conveying the fertile nature of the flat alluvial land at both ends of the lake.

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