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Name: Soumyabrata Roy

Country of residence: India

Country where picture is taken:

Title of the Picture: Rally of different ages

Camera Nikon D3200/ Nikkor 55-300mm



ISO Focal Length:55 mm, Shutter Speed:1/320 sec, Aperture:f/9, ISO:100


Shutter Speed:

Comment: The Kangsabati Dam is one of the beautiful scenery of Mukutmanipur, West Bengal.This dam, known as the second largest earthen dam in India. The sides of the dam were very nice binding with stone. A huge river of full water looks like mirrors. Many visitor visit this place to the dam specially. Instead of the dam there was a hill and a temple above the hill, a far away there was a deer park. Totally the area is very nice.Here, the left stairs is road of the temple.

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