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Photo Details

Pictures taken with ND filter

Name: Rayhan Ahmed

Country of residence: Bangladesh

Country where picture is taken: Bangladesh

Title of the Picture: travel in a dark weather

Camera Canon EOS 60D

Lens canon efs 18-135mm stm

Filter: Others

ISO 100

Aperture 5.625

Shutter Speed: 9.625

Comment: An silent image is more stronger than any other vocal languages,
when it express it's own vews.This image is one of them.
his capture is about the natural beauty of the river in gloomy weather.
During the gloomy weather the sky remains cloudy all day long.Sometimes remains heavily,
sometimes it drizzles.When the weather become gloomy, the blue sky turn into dark and cloudy.
wind blow turn into storm.In gloomy or rainy weather the environment of the river quite different.
During the environment rich people may enjoy the charming the river,
but whose are journey on the waterways they may be face a awful situation.
it can be more dangerous when the launch or steemer dive into the river.
On the end of the discription we can say the beauty of the river
in gloomy or cloudy weather is more enjoyable for all classes people.

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