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Cityscape Photography x Filter


Country of residence: Singapore

Country where picture is taken: Singapore

Title of the Picture: TALE OF TWO CITIES

Camera NIKON D7200

Lens Nikkor AF-S VR 18-140mm

Filter: None

ISO 100

Aperture 6.33985

Shutter Speed: -4.906891

Comment: This photo really speaks to me of the tale of two cities ... #singapore , #malaysia . ... as the day comes to an end the ferry gets deserted... fishermen and boatmen who come here for very cheap labor, mostly from India work all day and relax at this ferry during the sunset for a while and retire to there basic necessities of shelter and food as the evening lights start glowing. While on the other side the upper class lightens up under the shiny glows... this area is between Tuas Link Singapore and Kampung Ladang Malaysia.. .the city at far corner is a complex called forest city!!

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