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In your vicinity, #neighborhoodphotocontest with camera & filters

Name: Mouneb Taim

Country of residence: Turkey

Country where picture is taken: Syria

Title of the Picture: The Peace Player in the Time of the Coronavirus

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Filter: None

ISO 100

Aperture 3

Shutter Speed: 8.375

Comment: Young Muhammad used to go out every morning and play among the ruins at the time of people. She was living among the rubble of her house. I took this picture of him and asked him what makes you play among the ruins. Do not be afraid of your infection with the Coronavirus. The answer was of course not the rubble around me. The plane in the sky is killed at any moment. I want Playing and challenging circumstances he was performing in his street in his ruined house at a time when people were afraid of coronavirus

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