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In your vicinity, #neighborhoodphotocontest with camera & filters

Name: Vahid Hassanabbasi

Country of residence: Iran

Country where picture is taken: Iran

Title of the Picture: The bride of dark days

Camera Sony a7R III

Lens Laowa 12 mm f/2.8 Zero-D

Filter: Neutral Density(ND)

ISO 100

Aperture 8

Shutter Speed: 0.736966

Comment: During the corona virus pandemic I had lost my photography trips and I decided to do another plan because spring was short and I did not have much time for photography. So I have started from a jungle in my neighbor. I have ridden my bicycle and I went to the nearest jungle. Two days before that the weather was rainy and I knew I could take some pictures that I want. After 15 minutes I have arrived to this place and took this picture in a lovely cloudy weather.

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