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In your vicinity, #neighborhoodphotocontest with camera & filters

Name: seyedmohamad tabrizi

Country of residence: Iran

Country where picture is taken: Iran

Title of the Picture: Golden stairs to darkness

Camera NIKON D7100

Lens 18-140 nikon

Filter: Polarizing(PL)

ISO 2500

Aperture 3.61471

Shutter Speed: 5.643856

Comment: Some coronary wounds, such as quarantine and unemployment and job closures, can be cured, but what about "addiction"? According to the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters, in recent months, with the outbreak of Corona, addiction has increased significantly throughout the world and in Iran. There is no official collection on this. An important reason for the difficulty of collecting addiction statistics is that, apart from addicts, many addicts do not present themselves as ill because addiction, in addition to having negative social feedback, can also be considered a crime. Therefore, statistics in this field are extracted by survey and indirect methods, which is time consuming.This photo shows an addict taking a nap in the bazaar and in Shiraz

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