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Country of residence: India

Country where picture is taken: India

Title of the Picture: The birth of COVID

Camera NIKON D750

Lens Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8

Filter: Polarizing(PL)

ISO 500

Aperture 6.918863

Shutter Speed: 9.965784

Comment: Kolkata Maidan welcomed into the world a filly that was named after the disease. A newly born ponny born to an eight-year-old Mare feeds milk at deserted lush green Maidan. It has one of the most lovable faces that one can imagine, in the deserted Kolkata during the third phase of the lockdown. It’s white with patches of brown and it’s called ‘Covid’ with love and affection by its horse-owner.
The Kolkata Maidan is the largest urban park at Kolkata in India on the heart of the city, often refers as the lungs of Kolkata, gets polluted day by day but due to a long stretch of lockdown phase during COVID time nature heals back.

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