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In your vicinity, #neighborhoodphotocontest with camera & filters

Name: Rayhan Ahmed

Country of residence: Bangladesh

Country where picture is taken: Bangladesh

Title of the Picture: working on the sun ray

Camera Canon EOS 750D

Lens canon efs 18-135mm stm lens

Filter: Soft

ISO 800

Aperture 4

Shutter Speed: 4.643856

Comment: Daylight is the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during the day time.
Day time is the priod of time each day when day light occurs.
Day light happens as earth rotates,and either On which the sun shines is considered daylight.
this image is such a kind of example of this theme.Here some labours are working together in daylight.
in this image a view has seen, that a smooth ray has come in there workplace which has directly helped them.

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