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Pictures taken with ND filter (Vol.2)

Name: Josip Miskovic

Country of residence: Italy

Country where picture is taken: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title of the Picture: The chattering of the trees

Camera Canon Eos 80D

Lens EF-S15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Filter: None



Shutter Speed:

Comment: This is one of the landscapes that I have taken in the areas of central Bosnia. I liked the fact that these weren't particularly majestic tall trees, they are three trees chatting to each other in the evening. What interested me is being able to somehow capture the atmosphere that I perceived at that moment, the murmur of the branches seemed an unknown language that had to be listened to carefully.
This is an image of an isolated place devoid of human presence, only the breeze of the cold wind and the noises of the nature.

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