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Photo Details

Pictures taken with ND filter (Vol.2)

Name: Rayhan Ahmed

Country of residence: Bangladesh

Country where picture is taken: Bangladesh

Title of the Picture: Massive gathering on a roof top of a launch on water

Camera Canon EOS 60D

Lens 18-135 mm

Filter: Neutral Density(ND)

ISO 250

Aperture 5.655638

Shutter Speed: 8.965784

Comment: Rivers are the main highways of its communication and conveyance.
This view is such kind of them.The photo was taken from the way of Chandpur.
during the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr the people are going to native
home to celebrate Eid with their family members and relatives.
In the photographs we can see the people are passing idly time by gossiping,
sleeping, selling foods and enjoying the natural beauty of rivers scenery.
I found it is so interesting bcz waterways journey is lovely one and it refreshes us from the cares and anxieties.

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