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Pictures taken with ND filter (Vol.2)

Name: Rayhan Ahmed

Country of residence: Bangladesh

Country where picture is taken: Bangladesh

Title of the Picture: peoples coming back from holy festival

Camera Canon EOS 60D

Lens 18-135 mm

Filter: PL/ND

ISO 250

Aperture 4.970854

Shutter Speed: 9.321928

Comment: Charmonai Darbar Sharif is a famous and popular place all over in Bangladesh.Every year a large number of devottes going there to participate the mahfil.There are many ways to go there bt water way is best of all.usually tha mahfil is held in The Bangla month falguns last three days in Barishal so,waterway is more comfortable than others.Devotees from different remote parts of the country have arrived in charmonai this image we watching a four storied giant launch is full of devotees of Charmonai ig come back from the mahfil.They are enjoying the journey in waterway.

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