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Photo Details

Pictures taken with ND filter (Vol.2)

Name: Arky

Country of residence: Cambodia

Country where picture is taken: Laos

Title of the Picture: Goblets of giants

Camera NIKON D7100

Lens Nikkor 18mm

Filter: Half ND

ISO 100

Aperture f/16

Shutter Speed: 1/4

Comment: Title: Goblets of giants
Place: Phonsavan, Xiangkhoang province, Laos PDR
Description: Plain of jars is a megalithic archaeological site in central Laos PDR. The site is filled with large urns up to 3 meters tall. According to local legends these stone jars were wine goblets of giants, which they scattered these across the landscape during a particularly riotous victory celebrations.
Camera: Nikon D7100, 18mm prime nikkor, Half ND graduated(Cokin), Red Filter (Cokin) Shot RAW and converted to black and white with Darktable.

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