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Name: Pawel Zygmunt

Country of residence: Ireland

Country where picture is taken: Norway

Title of the Picture: Land of snow

Camera NIKON Z 7

Lens Nikon Z 14-35 F4

Filter: Neutral Density(ND)

ISO 64

Aperture 8.643856

Shutter Speed: 3

Comment: Amount of snow in the Nordland was unreal. Big walls of it both side of the road. Everything looked so beautiful. On my first morning I decided to hike Reinebringen mountain. Normally it can be reached by steps layed down there but snow covered it completely and I had to wade through white stuff above my knees. I would have no chance without crampons considering how steep was the mountain. I don't even remember how many times I fell, got stuck in deep snow and couldn't move. It was basically two steps up and one down all the way. It was never ending end very exhausting hike. I almost gave up...few times. I made it to the top eventually to admire beautiful, golden light shining on mountains and village below which helped quickly forget about all the tiredness.

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