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Any Pictures taken with MARUMI FILTER


Country of residence: Indonesia

Country where picture is taken: Indonesia

Title of the Picture: Reflection of Karang Beureum

Camera X-T3

Lens Fujinon XF10-24mm

Filter: Neutral Density(ND)

ISO 200

Aperture f/9.0

Shutter Speed: 1.5"

Comment: Sawarna is an exotic beach, a true paradise for sunrise and sunset photography lovers, offering many spots with a complete package, foreground and beautiful background. Located about 5 hours driving from Jakarta, Sawarna is one of iconic place for beach photography. The use of filters is a must. Here you can explore your filters, where you can try combining your filters. CPL, ND64, ND1000, GND, reverse GND, all you use here. Marumi for sure will be a valuable gears. With the M100 holder system for sure will be an advantage here, where you can easily change the filter.

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