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Name: Marko Radovanovic

Country of residence: Canada

Country where picture is taken:

Title of the Picture: Nature

Camera Canon EOS 6D - EF 24-70 f/2.8 L II



ISO Iso 50, F 5,6 1/50


Shutter Speed:

Comment: Not far from Lake McArthur, the trail leads travelers along the valley, towards the mountain, following the lower grounds of the landscape shaped by ancient glaciers.
Now, other forces shaping the region and with the Time as the only constant, it will continue to change.

Left: Mount Schaffer /Elevation: 2691 m / 8828 ft
Right: Park Mountain /Elevation: 2951 m / 9681 ft

Panoramic shot was taken from Odaray Mountain at 2300 m / 7545 ft

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