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Final contest is announced (April-May 2024)

Name: Rayhan Ahmed

Country of residence: Bangladesh

Country where picture is taken: Afghanistan

Title of the Picture: Floating life on water

Camera Canon EOS 60D

Lens 18-135 mm

Filter: Polarizing(PL)

ISO 200

Aperture 5.310704

Shutter Speed: 8.965784

Comment: Bricks has a wide market in our country.Those who are involved with this industrial they also play an important role in our society.
They earn hand to mouth.In this image we can see, a group of labour are sleeping on the bricks.
After completing the process of bricks making,they go to bring in the late,they can't get enough time to sleep.
That's why after loading the boat with bricks, they are sleeping with tiredness.In their daily life this is a common scene because
their day start and finish in this boat.they go to one place to another place to supply the bricks.

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