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Country of residence: Indonesia

Country where picture is taken: Indonesia

Title of the Picture: Sunset at Watu Lumbung

Camera Fujifilm X-T3

Lens Fujinon XF10-24mm

Filter: Half ND

ISO 250

Aperture f/9.0

Shutter Speed: 30"

Comment: Watu Lumbung is an exotic spot for beach sunset lovers. When the time was right it will also provides you with a mesmerizing view of milky way. Just about 3 hours driving from Jogjakarta to Gunung Kidul region, where you could find at least 5 different spots. One day trip will never be enough to cover the areas. Just need to be careful and trust whatever the guide told you, as the waves can not be predicted. To capture sunset or sunrise I always use filter, and my choice is Marumi. I have been using Marumi for almost 4 years and never have any complaints. The M100 holder with it's magnetic system is truly a champion. Marumi was a very good investment to me. Thank you Marumi !

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